Flick Ford Fish Customer Service

The Greenwich Workshop is our print and book publisher and general all-around unofficial associate. They have been converting Flick Ford fish paintings to high resolution digital files with 2989 color values, a process which guarantees remarkable fidelity to the original art for over 12 years. All of the prints are printed using Epson UltraChrome® archival ink with the best Giclée printers. In our opinion there is simply no better Giclée print publisher out there.

Customer Service


8'' X 10'' OEPs (Open Edition Prints) & 11'' X 14'' Tropical OEPs are printed on Sunset Production eSatin® 250g paper. NOTE: Sizes fit standard frames. 8'' X 10'' prints fit standard matte 5'' X 7'' opening & 11'' X 14'' prints fit standard matte 8'' X 10'' opening.

12'' X 18'' Game Fish OEPs & 16'' X 24'' Game Fish LEPs (Limited Edition Prints) are printed on Sunset Velvet Rag® 315g 100% cotton rag archival paper.  LEPs are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. NOTE: Sizes fit frame sizes available at most frame shops. LEC (Limited Edition Canvas) prints are printed on stable acid-free canvas with a protective  coating. LECs are hand-signed and numbered by the artist. NOTE: LEC prints should NOT be framed with glass or plexiglass as the prints will collect moisture and ruin them.


Prints: We no longer provide portfolio sleeves for our prints and have a limited number of Certificates of Authenticity from the Greenwich Workshop, when these run out we will no longer supply them.

8'' X 10'' prints are shipped between two pieces of chipboard in a 2 mil polybag within a 9'' X 12'' Stayflat® mailer. The 11'' X 14'' Tropical prints are shipped between two pieces of chipboard in a 2 mil polybag within a 12'' X 15'' Stayflat® mailer.

12'' X 18'' Game Fish OEPs prints will continue to be shipped in boxes as will the 16'' X 24'' Game Fish LEPs. However now the prints will be packaged between an acid free protective paper sheet and acid free board placed between 2 sheets of corrugated board and wrapped in a 2 mil polybag instead of a portfolio folder.

Books, Puzzles & Card Sets: Are shiped in bubble-mailers.


All international orders must be phoned in - ph: 00-1-518-944-4217, 9AM - 8PM EST, Mon-Fri; 10AM - 4PM Sat-Sun. The order can be then completed via email with online ordering instructions.


We use the USPS Priority Mail to ship ALL our orders UNLESS specified by phone - ph: 518.944.4217 we can provide quotes for Fedex or UPS. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Up to a 7 prints in the 8'' X 10'' and 5 prints 11'' X 14'' size can be shipped in the Stayflat® mailers at no additional shipping costs, and orders of $200 or above ship free.  We can fit up to 2 books in a single bubble mailer for $15 S+H. 4 + books ships for free.