Watercolor Technique

I've developed a fully modern technique that allows me to get translucent fins and an iridescent shine on the scales of the fish.  My process involves taking digital photos of the catch fresh from the water for color reference and markings unique to the fish.

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I then make a detailed, free-hand drawing on the watercolor paper.  I apply a liquid-frisket medium to block subsequent washes, allowing the first frisket layer to hold the white and repeated frisket layers over subsequent washes trap the colors I want to stay.

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An average painting has four or more washes before I remove all the frisket, blend the edges by putting on a clear wash of clean water and painting the details with fine sable hair brushes.

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You've caught, photographed and released the catch-of-a-lifetime and want to treasure the memory forever. Far superior to a fiberglass mount of your fish, which after all is not your fish, is the option of having a portrait of your fish painted with the markings and details of your fish matched to perfection by Flick Ford, a master of the genre. It's easy to get started. Just supply a high resolution digital photo or high quality print of the fish, note the length (necessary) and girth (if possible). Contact Flick and and get a price quote, together you'll decide the final size of the piece - as sometimes a life-sized representation may be too large for your space, but never too large to paint! An advance deposit of 50% is required to commission the artist. The artwork is delivered unframed.

For more information, inquiries or to get started, please contact us today!  Phone: 518.944.4217, Email: info@flickford.com